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Environment Setup

After download project from Codecanyon, you have to prepare environment by following below step to start development.

  • extract the zip file in your local environment
  • after extract the zip file you can run app by using url+folder name (localhost/yoori_release_151).
  • You can see installer in your browser. Now you have to fill up the required field to run the project.
  • Give required database, administration information and purchase code

If you want to change app name

  • Just change your app folder name then
  • APP_URL will be your url+app folder name APP_URL="localhost/yoori_release_151"
  • MIX_ASSET_URL will be url+app folder name+public MIX_ASSET_URL = "localhost/yoori_release_151/public"


  • Don't use domain.test for localhost. Always use base path localhost/folder_path to access the site.
  • Don't forget to Update your APP_URL and MIX_ASSET_URL for localhost.