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Configure Firebase

To configure Firebase api follow the steps below.

  • Log into using email and password.
  • Click on Add Project and then click Create New Project with require information

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  • Now this credentials have to fill up in System Setup -> Firebase.

Configure login with Facebook

  • Log into using facebook email and password.
  • Click on My App and then click the Add New App.
  • Give the name of the app and then click on Create App ID. It will automatically redirect to the App dashboard.
  • Then go to Settings -> Basic.
  • Set the App Domains and click on Save Changes.
  • Get the App ID and App Secret.
  • Now go to firebase>authentication Docusaurus Plushie
  • Now click on Add New Provider and select Facebook.Docusaurus Plushie
  • Then give the App ID and App SecretDocusaurus Plushie
  • Copy call back url and paste here Docusaurus Plushie

login with Google

  • just enable the switch button Docusaurus Plushie

Configure login with Twitter

  • Go to
  • Click on Create An App.
  • Fill in your application details.
  • After creating the app follow their steps to get client Id & client secret.
  • Then give it to firebase
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